Certified Reiki II Class and Reik II Attunement

If you are a certified Reiki I Practitioner and have experience with channeling Reiki energy, please contact Karen if you are interested in taking the Reiki II Class.  I am able to teach the class one on one. ​​

In order to take the class, you must have had a Reiki session in the past few months to ensure your chakras are balanced before the Reiki II Attunement. 

If you would like to book a session with Karen prior to your class, you may do so  here

 Class includes: Reiki II class, manual, certificate, private Reiki Session and Reiki II Attunement scheduled at another time. 

  Please contact Karen Wilson for information and to register:  karenwilsonhealing@gmail.com or 361-446-4626 (cell/text)


   Total Cost: $300 

   Cost includes the day long class and a separate Reiki session and Reiki II Attunement.