What Clients are saying about Karen

I wanted to thank you again for the session. It was amazing experience.  I'm happy to have found you. I look forward to many other times together.  You have an amazing gift of healing. Truly a master. I slept very sound last night, but still awoke at 3:30. I am still feeling very open, expanded, upgraded, with high energy to move forward on my journey.
~ G. Curtis

Karen is a very powerful healer who trusts herself and her guides. She was able to effect an emotional, physical and spiritual healing that also provided me with tremendous insight into my own self-healing journey. It was an honor to work with her. ~  Catherine R.

Thanks again for everything. You are awesome! I feel like I have more clarity and I am ready to accept my new happiness. Words can't describe how much I appreciate what you have done for me. ~ Rene Resendez

Thank you so much for the Akashic reading. It was fabulously helpful. I felt like you got clear information for me!
 I can't wait to get the recording so I can work with it. Bless you in your work and your life! You certainly bless me! ~ Janie Portele

I just had a Reiki session with Karen. It was great. I felt the energy going through me and opeining me in a totally peaceful way. She lifted the heaviness away from me. I feel that I am no longer my own prisoner and that my life is balanced now. Thank you, Karen! ~ Angelika H. 

Karen, I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much the healing session with you has changed me for the better. I am feeling more alive, better connected, and more active since we were together. I am more optimistic and connected to where I want to be in the coming months. I believe that I have gotten my fire and inspiration back. I've had so many new ideas and I've made so much progress that it's been a revelation. Even my family notices. There are no words that really express the love and gratitude I feel for you. Thank you so much. Big hug sent out to you.
~ Celia Scanlon
Lovely Ms. Karen. After my session, I feel rejuvenated and enlightened..... ready to face my journey head on and do what I was born to do with the attributes God has given me!  I am sure you are told this often .... But you truly have a gift. Sending you many blessings and the strength to continue helping people every day. ~ Maria A. Garcia

Karen has an unassuming gentleness that belies what a powerful healer she is.  Time spent with her is not "just" Reiki; add chakra balancing, essential oil therapy, spirit communication and post-session discussion that gives another dimension to the energy work, all done in an atmosphere of love and non-judgement.  She is, simply, a gift and I feel very blessed to know her. ~ Kim B.

Karen, her very name means, "Pure", and that she is. Pure love, pure kindness, pure compassion...pure Karen. She is blessed with the ability to give deeply of herself, to whom ever she is working with. Karen's, Reiki skills are excellent, her ability to work with energy, is a beautiful blessing. Karen is finely tuned into her intuition, and her energetic readings are very accurate.  ~ Kem Gautney

I have been receiving Energy Healing treatments from Karen for the past several months. I have seen a dramatic change in my life. I have more energy, feel more focused and accomplish tasks more easily. Karen's intuitive insights have helped me to  heal lifelong wounds. Beginning with four treatments allowed me to realize the benefits of continuing with weekly treatments. ~ R.R.

My birthday gift to myself this year was a Reiki session and energy reading from Karen at Island Reiki. I have to say it was may all time favorite gift to myself. I experienced powerful, wonderful, deeply healing, balancing, loving energy through Karen's hands. And the energy messages Karen shared were not only interesting but even three months after my session I am still finding the guidance valuable, giving me much to ponder and work with. Karen is a beautiful, clear pure channel for Spirit guidance and healing and I will return for more in the future.
~ Janie Portele, RYT 500

I was privileged enough to enjoy my first Reiki session with Karen Wilson on January 3, 2014. I must say that it was an excellent way to start my new year because it was calming, peaceful, and enlightening.  She just really does a wonderful job in her Reiki sessions. I am blessed to have found her and her wonderful services,  and I will definitely be scheduling again! ~ Mary Rhode

Karen is a Reiki Master and is one of the best. I find an hour of this kind of energy work to be a real treat, rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend Karen. ~  Dr. LeRoy A. Boriack, M.D., Wellness Practitioner

I came for a session with Karen 10 days after having hernia surgery feeling extremely fatigued and foggy-headed, really out of sorts.  I suspected that these symptoms had to do with the general anesthetic.  She quickly accessed that, among other things, my third eye chakra was nearly completely closed, very unusual for me.  As she commenced to work on me I immediately began to feel better.  When I left the session I was still feeling a bit weak but by later in the day my energy had returned and my head had cleared.  The following day I was back to my old self again. What a blessed relief!  Thank you, Karen. ~ Timothy Ernster
I had a session with Karen and it was awesome!  Within 10 minutes of working with Karen for the first time, I felt blissful, peace and serenity in my body, mind and soul. She brought into my awareness forgotten information. I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend Karen. ~  Lyudmila McVey

Karen is a naturally gifted, extra-ordinary healer. No matter how fragmented, fractured or exhausted I've felt in body, mind or spirit, a session with Karen has brought reintegration and a return to wholeness. ~  Sally C. Taylor

Karen has a gift of connecting with the energy of the one she attends in a Reiki session. In my experience, I particularly appreciated Karen's insightful imagery that came to her as she tuned in to my spirit [energy] using Reiki. Passing on those images she received both confirmed and revealed back to me what was true and beautiful and good in my life. It is my belief that modalities such as Reiki bring to the surface what we sometimes cannot see, until the eyes/hands/heart of one such as Karen, speaks the truth and we recognize it. ~  Kay Leuschner

Karen is a gifted professional Reiki worker and I am honored to call her my friend and colleague. Karen is too good for words but honest, ethical & gifted come to my mind first. Being a fellow energy medicine practitioner, I can attest to her hands on techniques as being the best around.  I have appreciated her extra talent of intuitiveness as she has guided me in my own healing both emotionally and physically. I highly recommend Karen as being the best in the Corpus Christi area. ~  Peace & Love ~ Jackie Scheidel, RN BSN CHTP

I was lucky to have  my first Reiki experience ever with Karen and it was really enjoyable, bringing a sense of harmony and relief from everyday worries and concerns. I regularly have sleeping problems but after the Reiki session I experienced the first night in a long period when I fell asleep without pills or any other remedies. I would love to have regular Reiki sessions with Karen in the future. ~  Tanya Turpas Scott
Karen, what a difference,  my wonderful Reiki session with you made for me.  I am feeling like my balanced, integrated spiritual self again, happy and unattached to expectations of what is, or is not, supposed to happen in my life.  There is a greater sense of freedom and openness, plus no more anxiety.  Thank you for this beautiful Reiki healing.  I am extremely grateful that you are manifesting your love and healing light.  ~  Patricia Ariel
Karen is a wonderful teacher in Reiki, I can vouch for her loving, compassionate, touch.  I highly recommend her, as a Reiki Master and as a loving, dynamic, sensitive woman. Three years ago, an MRI revealed I  had a prenatal extra large cyst on the right side of my head.  I was experiencing sharp jabs of pain in the right side of my head and I asked Karen for a single session of Reiki. Thankfully, she agreed to help me. I had a wonderful Reiki session with Karen and since then I’ve had absolutely no pain. It was wonderful.  I plan to have another session with Karen soon.

~  Donna Lynn Suthard

My experiences with Karen Wilson at "Island Reiki" have always been so uplifting and tranquil. She helps me feel my connection to God (the Divine). I feel the energy flowing in and around me as I am immersed in God’s love. Any negativity is gone and I am completely renewed. She delivers messages specific for me that I find to be true and Spirit guided. Her counsel is wise. Karen is sweet, humble, loving, and kind… truly gifted, truly a healer. I am blessed by her. ~ Diana E.

The energy that comes from Karen's hands made me very happy and relaxed. Karen gave me a forgiveness exercise that has helped me very much. I feel this session was like a bridge to freedom and to help me find my own gifts. Friends, please try Reiki with Karen. It is a wonderful experience to help you find your own strength and God given gifts.  ~ Xristina Kotsoni