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Signature Energy Healing Session
$120 – 2 hours
​Offered only in Corpus Christi, TX

This session is recommended for first time clients. Returning clients will also benefit from this powerful experience. This unique and personally tailored healing session includes energy healing (including Reiki), chakra balancing and an energy reading as well as recommended next steps. Sessions also include doTERRA essential oils chosen for your emotional and spiritual body, crystal healing and sound healing. A recording of your reading as well as teaching information tailored to your needs will be sent to you by email following the session. 

Distant Energy Healing
1 hour – $80
​Offered Globally

Energy Healing/Reiki Follow-up
1 hour - $80
Offered only in Corpus Christi, TX

You have a unique energetic soulprint which can easily be located by Distance Healing, making it equally as profound as in person healing! Experience an energy healing session with Karen, including chakra balancing and essential oils information chosen for your spiritual and emotional body. Karen will email you a reading of energy findings after the session.

This session is available to returning clients who require a quick relaxing and effective energy tune up. The energy healing session includes a chakra check and balance, sound healing and crystals. Please note this session ​​does not include essential oils, an energy reading or spiritual guidance information.

Spiritual / Energy Coaching
1 hour - $80
Offered Globally via Telephone or Skype

Akashic Record Soul Reading
1 hour – $80
​Offered Globally via Telephone or Skype
or in person in Corpus Christi, TX

Do you sometimes wonder how to best proceed on your spiritual journey? This session is for clients who wish more insight, conversation, methods, and suggestions as they continue on their own unique spiritual path. Work with Karen’s intuitive guidance and empathic understanding to help you find your spirit’s true alignment with your best life!
The Akashic Records are the energetic archive of the journey of each individual soul. An Akashic Record reading connects you with your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones to provide valuable and pertinent insights for you as you navigate your current life path. An Akashic record reading is like having a conversation with an old friend – one who can shed light on your current situation to enable you to make wise and graceful decisions.
Akashic readings can be for your self, your business or your property. 



Energetic Space Clearing and
Light Enfusion Blessing
1 hour - $100
Offered only in Corpus Christi, TX

​​Animal Communication
(not for medical purposes)
Reading via Email
5 Questions​ - $44

Is the energy in your home or office feeling stagnant or heavy? When you are in your space to you feel fatigued, listless, and uncomfortable?
Do you want your space to feel more vibrant, peaceful and inviting? Karen will use sound, light energy, Reiki and other energy clearing methods to check the quality of energy in your space and then clear and energize it. 

What does your pet want to say to you?

Every animal has a unique personality and a very definite voice! Karen opens an Akashic Record session specifically for your Pet and has very interesting conversations with your four legged companions!
Not only do clients report that following the reading, their pet seems more "understood" but also they appear to be healed from some of their emotional upsets! This reading is not meant for medical purposes.

To schedule an Animal Communication session with
Karen please pay using the Buy Now button below and then email your questions and a picture of your pet to  She will reply with more information. Karen will reply with more information. 

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